The Kickstarter campaign is in it’s last few hours.  We have raised more than the minimum goal of $1000 to make a recording studio at Hillary’s Music!  This will be free to all students to use, learn and share from.  It feels wonderful to have the support from the community who understands that we are moving forward in a unique way that will help motivate and teach students of all ages.
It is not too late to be a part of this project.  There are rewards starting at only $25, but you can also donate a smaller amount which will help in adding more than the bare minimum equipment, help to upgrade the hardware, and put more into the scholarship fund.  Thanks for joining in!
click the “K” in the upper left hand corner to go to Kickstarter!

Want to donate in person? Send me a message with your pledge amount so that I can add it to the total, and drop it off or mail it anytime this week! (63 N 3rd Ave Clarion, PA 16214)

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