What are the group classes up to?

I wanted to give everyone an update on what the group classes are up to. If you or your child are not already enrolled in a group class, I highly recommend it. They help to develop part of a student’s musical ability that is separate from playing as an individual. Plus, the classes are all really fun, I absolutely love teaching them! Let me know if you would like to join us.
Orchestra: The orchestra has a bass, cellos, violins, and piano playing in it. They are currently playing a star wars medley, “Into the West”, and “Ode to Joy”. They are also learning how to improv using the D Major scale. Some amazing combinations have started to emerge!
Pre-school: This class of 2-5 year olds learned about the guitar this week. They got to play them and learned the the g major chord! They also learned about the quarter rest, adding it to their knowledge of note values and counting.
Guitar: The notes on the D string were the challenge for the guitar class this week. They have E, B, and G pretty smooth. They are sounding great as a group and we will add more chords to their arsenal next week.
Chorus: “Mad World” has the 6-14 year olds sounding very serious and beautiful. Then they easily break out in dance to “Shout”! Their ears are being developed to hear the intervals in music, so we do a lot of listening games and then apply it to their warm ups. This group energizes every Wednesday!
Friday band: Every Friday morning I prepare for the influx of adults ready to work and play. They practice hard throughout the week to get “Ring of Fire” and “Like a Rolling Stone” up to speed. I make sure they are learning plenty of music theory as we go along, and they sound fantastic.