Just a few weeks ago we rocked out the Highland Oaks nursing home.  It is a tradition that I love revisiting.  The residents always enjoy the students’ performances, and the mingling and chatting that happens afterwards.  This year I was able to show off the work of the group classes as well as many talented individuals.  The orchestra opened the afternoon with “Jingle Bell Boogie”  I have a lot of talent in that little group, which will be expanding this semester.  I also enjoyed being able to combine the different groups to perform with each other.  So, the Friday morning band accompanied both a solo vocalist and my chorus. Then the group guitar class finished off with the chorus singing “Rocking around the Christmas Tree”
In between all of the group performances were many amazing soloists and duets.  Some were new students, some veterans to performing.  Thanks to all the performers, parents, grandparents, and family who support these performances and lessons.  It is a pleasure to teach and encourage all year.  Then to witness the performances is a reward itself.
Check out a snippet of  “Jingle Bell Rock” with chorus and band.  This was recorded on a phone and turned out pretty well.  However,  in 2016 we will be adding digital audio and video to our studio and I am excited about the future quality of what we will be able to share.

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