After a summer of working on the music room expansion and figuring out the group classes, I am getting ready for Fall!  Currently, I am figuring out the group music schedule. The following are the available times, and then potential classes. If you know that you would like to take a particular class at a particular time, please let me know, and that gives me guidance on scheduling!
The times:
Monday 2-245
Monday 645-730 (probably violin)
Monday 730-815 (probably orchestra)
Tuesday 945-1030 am
Tuesday 2-245
Tuesday 5-545
Tuesday 615-7
Wednesday 9-945 am
Wednesday 2-245
Wednesday 630-715
Thursday 9-945 am
Thursday 945-1030 am
Thursday 2-245
Thursday 630-715
Friday 2-245
Friday 9-945 am
The classes:
Band (mixed instruments)
Kids group music (pre-school)
Kids group music (elementary)

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