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1stJosey W.

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Thursday, May 21st: What is your favorite music video?

Wednesday, May 20th: Name a mode of a scale

Tuesday, May 19th: Read this article and tell me where the ukulele originated from.

Monday, May 18th:

An interval that is eight notes apart is called what?

  1. octave
  2. whole rest
  3. half note
  4. quarter rest

Friday, May 15th:

How many beats does this note get?

Thursday, May 14th: Name an instrument you would like to try someday.

Wednesday, May 13th: What does tempo mean? And what is a tool that we use in practice to help understand it.

Tuesday, May 12th: What musical has the song “Helpless” featured?

Monday, May 11th: What is musical word for slow

Saturday, May 9th: Complete the survey for next week’s classes!

Friday, May 8th: How do you say fast in another language?

Thursday, May 7th: What are the notes in the C Major chord?

Wednesday, May 6th: What colors do you associate with Spring?

Tuesday, May 5th: Between the notes E and F is the distance a half step or whole step?

Monday, May 4th: Who composed the theme for “Star Wars”?

Sunday, May 3rd: Fill out the survey!

Saturday, May 2nd: How many 16th notes are in a 4/4 MEASURE filled with only 16th notes?

Friday, May 1st: What was your favorite song that I played last night? If you missed if you can watch it here

Thursday, April 30th: Tune into Live Sessions tonight!

Wednesday, April 29th: In the 12 Bar Blues in G Major, what chord is the 4 chord?

Tuesday, April 28th: Whose birthday is it today?

Monday, April 27th: What type of music is likely to have a 2/4 Time Signature?

Saturday, April 25th: Complete the survey

Friday, April 24th: Tell me what classes you have liked so far on Zoom and what you want me to add for next week!

Thursday, April 23rd: Start a SmartMusic account, directions are Here:

Wednesday, April 22nd: more song requests!

Tuesday, April 21st: Make a song request for what you want me to perform during the Facebook concert on April 30th!

Monday, April 20th:

What does this tell you?

Saturday, April 18th: Listen to your favorite song with your eyes closed. What color pops into your head while listening?

Friday, April 17th:

Music Math!

Thursday, April 16th: Name a musician who has the same first name as you. Then find a song they composed or performed !

Wednesday, April 15th: What song from a commercial gets stuck in your head?

Tuesday, April 14th: what language are most musical terms written in?

Monday, April 13th: What is the musical word that means get gradually louder?

Saturday, April 11th: Read this and then tell me 1. What music you would play for a rabbit 2. How you would know if they like it and 3. How loud it should be. https://www.rabbitcaretips.com/do-rabbits-like-listening-to-music/

Friday, April 10th: In 4/4 Time Signature, how many beats are in a measure? Bonus points if you know what kind of note gets one beat!

Thursday, April 9th: Watch this and tell me what you think

Wednesday, April 8th: What instrument is tuned using the phrase “my dog has fleas”?

Tuesday, April 7th: Send me a YouTube link to your favorite song to listen to right now!

Sunday, April 5th: catch up on old challenges!

Monday, April 6th: how many beats does a whole note get? 

Saturday, April 4th: Send me a music joke!

Friday, April 3rd: Draw something musical in chalk and send me a picture!

Thursday, April 2nd read https://www.classicfm.com/discover-music/instruments/piano/why-pianos-have-88-keys/ and answer: when were the first 88 key pianos created?

Wednesday, April 1st: Send me a funny music meme. Or post it on the Facebook page!

Tuesday, March 31st: What is another name for the note B. (There is a clue on the Facebook page!)

Monday, March 30th: What was the number one song on your birthday? If you don’t already know 😉 you can look it up here.

This was the one for my birthday!

Sunday, March 29th: What does forte mean? Plus, what animal would you associate with it?

Saturday, March 28th: Text/email/message (whatever!) the answer: How many beats does an eighth note get?

Friday, March 27th: Tune into the Zoom meeting at 1pm
Meeting ID: 881 270 228

Thursday, March 26th: Tell me your favorite music related app. It can be a game, recording, listening, etc! Also include what device you use it on.

Wednesday, March 25: Start making your shakers! Text me pictures when they are done. 814 229 0821 And prepare for a Zoom meeting on Friday. Instructions here