I want to start passing down what I have learned in teaching all these years and, at the same time, help current students have a part time job while more thoroughly understanding their instruments.

The program starts in the summer. We will have weekly classes for the apprentices where we discuss different elements to teaching, behavior, business, and fundamentals. In addition to these classes, we will also do some test run lessons with me to help out in the beginning. If this is not your first summer as an apprentice, we will have more intensive classes on music theory and more advanced techniques. You will also sit in on some of my more advanced lessons to observe.

By the school year, the teachers might have one or two students lined up for them to work with on a weekly basis. Those students will do a few periodic check up lessons with me so that we can make sure they are on the right track. They will also be able to participate in our performances.

As those new students advance, they will automatically be on my waiting list for when their teacher graduates from high school.

Not every student will be invited to participate in this program. I am only speaking to a handful of individuals who I believe are ready now, or may be in the next year. But, please tell me if this is something you would like to work towards in the future!